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Who We Are

Skynet Delivery is a company committed to maritime, air cargo and ground transport from the US and Asia to anywhere in the world; We think of the progress day to day for companies, people, countries and various cultures whom we strive to be innovators and at the forefront, Our main goal is to arrive on time and with the highest standards of quality compliance. Our team consists of professionals dedicated to providing the full potential for our customers. It is important that you know that we are licensed and accredited by the Federal Maritime Commission, Approved by Transportation Security Administration of The Homeland Security department of the United States. Besides having the necessary licenses we can present to you a portfolio of services that will certainly meet your needs.

What We Do

Over the years Skynet Delivery has built an enviable reputation on the foundations of its customer service record. Consequently, its client base now covers the import and export of a wide range of commodities, goods and products including: Frozen and Chilled Produce, Ambient Foodstuff, Malt Products, Tyres and Automotive parts, Materials for the Construction Industry
We provide provide full Customs Clearance service for both importers and exporters covering goods shipped by road, sea or air. Our dedicated customs team understands both the complexities of Customs Clearance and the necessity to make the process as smooth as possible for our customers. Our strong links and excellent relationships with the Port Authorities enables us to provide up to date information at all times.

Management Team

Thomas White

Logistics Manager

Amanda Stokes

Sea Feight Director

Barbara Jacobs

Senior Accountant

Lee Jones

Marketing Director

Why Choose Us

Customer Satisfication Tools

Getting your products to where they need to be can be a complex matter. We will take away this complexity as we will take care of all ambiguities and questions in a personalised manner. We have experienced staff answering all your questions. Instead of offering isolated, standardised services, we provide integrated, customised solutions flexible enough to be precisely geared to your individual needs.

Management & Reporting

Our strategy emanates from our ability to clearly recognise and utilise the advantages that a mid-market company offers. We convert virtues such as transparency, good communication and a fast decision-making capacity into competitive advantages for our customers. Due to the fact that we have low staff turnover and motivated personnel, we have consistently retained the edge over our competitors in terms of knowledge, efficiency, commitment and reliability.

Superior Technology & Communication

At Skynet Delivery, we understand the importance of technology; accurate and rapid flow of information is a critical requirement to ensure the smooth and predictable movement of freight. Skynet Delivery is able to exchange data in real time with our agents, customers and other partners which enables us to provide the very highest level of data integrity and service.

Customised Solutions

Through our independence, we are free to apply a greater flexibility when customising logistics solutions according to our customers' needs. Independence also allows us to apply a "Best Price Policy", as we benchmark all freight rates against a number of forwarders..