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We know customs regulations, so we help our clients navigate compliance. This can prevent huge import fines. Unexpected fines create stress and affect the bottom line. Cargo Brokers keeps your shipments moving, and avoids most examination delays. Customs data shows that importers are four to six times less likely to incur a security or compliance examination. Cargo Brokers recommends that our importing clients also seek certification, and we can help with that. Ocean imports require an Importer Security Filing, before the vessel leaves. It’s the importer’s responsibility. This can be done through us directly. Either way, you’ll avoid fines for not filing the timely paperwork.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • Should I send my cargo as luggage with a passenger or as cargo?
    You can get information on passenger luggage via our contacts. Apart from luggage accompanied by passengers, cargo shipping to/from abroad is considered dutiable goods and requires customs procedures.
  • How long does it take for my shipment to get to me?
    We have different types of shipping, next day, 3-5days but your shipment will be pick up at your location or you can drop it at our office, from the time the shipment leaves our warehouse to the airport. Transit time is based on under normal circumstance, delays that may be beyond our control can make some shipments to add extra day/s to the specified time frame.
  • Can I take delivery of a shipment sent from abroad in my name?
    NO; since dutiable cargo requires customs procedures, only the individual whom you have appointed your agent, can take delivery of your dutiable cargo.
  • Can I insure the shipments that I send via Skynet Delivery?
    It is not obligatory to insure the domestic or international cargo shipments with Skynet Delivery. We do not incorporate an insurance service. Our customers who wish to insure their cargo should contact the customer service for details on insurance.